Data Engineer | Data Scientist for environmental applications at CREA Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air


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We are an independent research organisation focused on revealing the trends, causes, and health impacts, as well as the solutions to air pollution. We use scientific data, research and evidence to support the efforts of governments, companies and campaigning organisations worldwide in their efforts to move towards clean energy and clean air. We believe that effective research and communication are the keys to successful policies, investment decisions and advocacy efforts. Our data and insights are regularly picked up by major media outlets (e.g. Financial Times, The Economist, BBC) and used by policymakers and organisations in dozens of countries.


As part of our data team, you will be helping us build and leverage datasets on a variety of topics and industries, from fossil fuel shipping in Europe to biomass burning in South East Asia and health impact assessments of coal power plants in South America. This is an exciting opportunity to work within a flexible, supportive environment and support both public health and climate change causes.


This role reports to our Data Lead.


CREA is a fully remote organisation, with current team members based in Europe and Asia.

What you will do

As a Data Engineer | Data Scientist, your main responsibilities include:


  • all things data: from source identification, scraping, mining, wrangling, processing, structuring, and distribution. This will likely require close collaboration with CREA's analyst team.
  • modelling: design, develop and/or deploy models, including but not limited to identifying emissions of air pollutants, tracking fossil-fuel trade internationally, or assessing health impacts of projects or regulations
  • data visualisation: turn data into compelling visualisations either in static or interactive formats
  • infrastructure: develop and maintain our online infrastructure for data distribution (keywords: Postgres and Mongo databases, Flask RESTful API, Google Cloud Platform)

You can see CREA's existing data products here.

Candidate profile

Why "Data Scientist | Data Engineer"? We are looking for someone with a strong capacity in data science (understand statistics, modeling) and an appetite for data engineering (understand data structuring, online infrastructure, APIs).


More technically, we are looking for candidates who have:

  • advanced command of R and Python;
  • knowledge of unix command line, and git; and
  • the capacity to deploy and maintain applications and databases on cloud infrastructure.

Bonus if you have:

  • experience with spatial analysis (raster and vector);
  • experience with environmental sciences

About your character:

  • you are constantly eager to learn; and
  • you are detail-oriented and organised, and someone who takes pride in tidy and well-documented code.

Candidates are NOT expected to be experts in air pollution, climate change or international trade.

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Applications are now closed