Earth Observation AI / ML Engineer at Terrabotics

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Company Background

Terrabotics is an Earth Observation data intelligence company with a mission to shine a new light on vital natural resources supply chains with satellite remote sensing and advanced IoT geospatial data analytics.

We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of the World's most vital and critical natural resources. Through the power of planetary-scale measurements and data analytics we enable these industries to operate in a more socially responsible, environmentally, and economically sustainable way.

About the Role

Help Terrabotics shine a brand new light on the production and supply of the World's vital natural resources by leveraging the power of A.I. fused with satellite imagery and remote sensing data of the natural environment and industry.  We have the exciting opportunity to make the production, supply and management of natural resources more efficient, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable by creating a new era of data-driven and objective reporting.

As the lead Earth Observation AI & Machine Learning Engineer you will immediately become an integral part of Terrabotics’ Product Development team. You will take on the ideation, design, development and testing of new automated satellite image and geospatial data driven product-solutions powered by deep learning and vast amounts of satellite sensing data and other industry data sources. The role will entail designing and testing new analytical, numerical and statistical solutions, such as deep neural networks and statistical machine learning methods trained and implemented on data sources such as optical imagery, multi-/hyper-spectral data, SAR radar imagery and even atmospheric measurements.

The role requires excellent and proven coding and scripting skills, alongside a rigorous mathematical and scientific mindset, to ensure the proper treatment of both sparse and dense numerical data sets. A key driving objective of this role is to achieve the full-automation and scaling of routine and advanced satellite image processing and analysis tasks for very large geospatial datasets. As a data scientist, A.I. and machine learning engineer you will work very closely with Terrabotics’ established Geospatial, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Earth science and Atmospheric specialists to develop products that enable truly objective reporting of environmental, social and governance metrics for global natural resources sectors. 

You will bring an unrivalled passion for what you do coupled with an exceptional work ethic. As well as humility, open-mindedness, and positivity. You embrace input and collaboration as a means to find the best solution, but also come with ideas and vision of your own drawn from your experiences.

Your success in this role will be dictated by your ability to effectively prioritise your work in line with business and product goals that come from our product roadmap and user requirements. You will need to be self-motivated and a self-starter and to work well with others. You should be passionate about building great software, and about building a product that delights, pleases and super-charges our users - enabling us all to have a resoundingly positive impact on the planet!

Role Description:

  • Algorithm Design & Development: Design, build and apply optimised, automated and scalable satellite image and geospatial data processing workflows using Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Pandas, and SQL.
  • Satellite-derived Data Analysis at Scale: Manage, Pre-Process and Analyse very large and/or vast quantities of satellite derived optical, SAR, thermal or similar image datasets to extract new insight and correlate to 3rd-party control datasets.
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Support: Provide expert-level deep learning and machine learning guidance and leadership to our Geospatial and Earth Observation specialists when it comes to designing, training, tuning and implementing new A.I.-based image recognition, feature detection, and change analysis algorithms. 
  • Data Quality Assurance: Develop and implement automated methods to check and assess the statistical quality and reliability of satellite image-derived datasets and with proven metrics and indices. 
  • R&D: Lead cutting-edge R&D and product ideation efforts for new satellite data based solutions. Work closely with a technically diverse team of scientists and engineers to design and develop new concepts and methods.
  • Remote Sensing Analyses: Master Terrabotics’ advanced terrain generation, change detection and object recognition applications.
  • Geospatial Analyses: Perform standard geospatial mapping, digitisation, data management and analysis operations with geospatial datasets such as vectors and rasters with industry standard GIS tools, software and scripting libraries, including open source varieties.
  • Earth Observation 2.0: Drive Terrabotics’ efforts to modernise, automate and scale new and old image processing and geospatial analysis tasks, implementing computer vision and deep learning workflows.
  • Product Testing: Be one of the very first alpha testers and operational end users on all of Terrabotics’ new software products and relay feedback to the product development and R&D teams to help us accelerate improvements and bug fixes.

Required Technical Skills:

  • [Vital] Very strong experience with Python development including key libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Pytorch  and SQL is a minimum requirement. More advanced professional software development experience will be a significant advantage.
  • [Vital] Demonstrable experience in training, calibrating, testing, and tuning deep neural networks e.g. CNNs, RNNs, and GANs for image object, feature, and change detection tasks.
  • [Vital] You have experience working with and collaborating well with other developers in your team to build products together. You champion clear maintainable code, diligent version control, clean documentation, code reviews, and merge requests.
  • [Vital] Experience writing reports, presentations and data visualisations to clearly and concisely convey the results of your work to a wide audience.
  • [Ideal] Proven experience working in data science and software development teams using Agile development (Kanban, Scrum, and/or Scrumban styles) or similar practices.
  • [Ideal] Expertise in standard remote sensing and image processing workflows and software such as ERMapper, Erdas Imagine, PCI Geomatica, and/or as well as open source alternatives and libraries such as GDAL etc.
  • [Ideal] Expertise in ArcGIS, QGIS and other commercial and/or open source geospatial software.
  • [Ideal] Knowledge of basic principles of remote sensing, image processing, spectral analysis, photogrammetry and image understanding. 
  • [Ideal] Practical experience handling and processing either optical, multi-/hyper-spectral and/or SAR image data to undertake analyses.

Vital Characteristics:

  • Exceptional Work Ethic: We look for people who can join us to outwork the competition and make sure that our products succeed for our clients, and actually have an impact on the planet. We have a lot of work to do!
  • Highly Collaborative: You understand that the best software and product development does not happen in a silo and that you will need to take the initiative on communication and proactive collaboration to get the best out of the team.
  • Leadership & Initiative: You make it your mission to understand and stay up-to-date with the wider product vision and the user needs that will guide your product design and development. You lead by example and take the initiative to proactively explore ideas and potential solutions for user problems with the Product Manager and the software engineering team.
  • Adaptable & Proactive: You're happy and enthused to work with a multidisciplinary product team. You're comfortable working alongside back-end and front-end developers, data scientists, and data engineers and Python developers.
  • Lean Principles: You're able to bring a start-up mindset to product development, shipping minimum viable products and releases early and often to learn and quickly iterate.
  • Mission Driven: You have a willingness and ability to prioritise working on current code and staying focused with tasks on hand for the purpose of meeting deadlines and project deliverables.
  • Excellent Communicator: Excellent verbal and written English is an absolute pre-requisite for this role, alongside the ability to communicate clearly with diplomacy and respect.

Desired Qualifications:

  • A post-graduate degree in numerical Geosciences, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering to MSc or PhD level with exposure to satellite image data and processing techniques. Preferably with an undergraduate degree in Geology, Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science or equivalent.

Sector Experience:

  • Terrabotics works in the natural resources, energy, renewables, oil & gas, mining, environmental and financial sectors. Experience in one of these would be ideal or at the very least a passion to solve real-world large scale problems.

Salary & Perks:

  • Competitive salary for an early stage tech start-up
  • Equity Stock Options: Own a share of the company and our success. Valued on a sliding scale alongside the gross salary.
  • Hours: Nominally a standard 40 hour week. Flexible working hours and remote working by arrangement.
  • Learning & Development: A commitment to continuous on the job learning and training, internally and externally. You will also be working alongside experts in Earth Observation, Geospatial technology, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science.
    • Opportunity to attend and present work at relevant national and international events, meet-ups and conferences.
    • Experience the growth-stage tech Start-up environment, with an opportunity to learn all aspects of building and growing a business alongside a diverse world-class team.

Location & Working Environment:

  • This is a remote-first role (but with a hybrid option for UK-based applicants).
  • Your time zone should be compatible with a working day in UK (GMT/BST), Central Europe (CET), and/or USA (EST - CST) to align with our core teams. i.e. within UTC-6 to UTC+3 
  • We ask that your are available to travel and meet your team for at least 3 full working days at least once or twice per year for team building at one of our hubs.
  • Our main office hub is Central London very close to Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.

How to Apply:

All applications need to include the following information:

  • Cover letter,
  • CV or Resume,
  • Portfolio of any prior work.

After supplying the above you will receive an email and an invitation to complete first stage screening while we review your submission.



Our Values & Virtues


We look for product minded doers who are driven to transform cutting-edge science and engineering into real and useable products that will create true impact and repeatable value for our clients.

 We work at pace, implementing Lean principles and Agile practices to ensure that we can ship product early and often, to learn and iterate towards success.


Good People: We're positive realists, confident in our abilities, yet humble, honest, naturally helpful and empathetic. We don't work in silos, but instead champion collaboration and communication for maximum product success and impact for our team and our clients,

Work Ethic: We each bring an extraordinary and tenacious work ethic to get products built and launched, so that they can start making a difference as soon as possible for our end users!

Talent, Skill, & Experience: Individually we each bring proven talents, skills, and experiences in product marketing, management, design, data science, engineering, and relevant industry specific areas. And what we don't know yet, we actively learn!

Passion & Courage: A boundless enthusiasm and enjoyment for solving meaningful and real-world environmental, social, and industrial problems. Building a start-up company, with brand new products, while defining new markets, and moving fast all at once takes courage and passion.

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