Executive Director at Harness

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- $170k,000/year

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Harness was started by America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ryan Piers Williams as a gathering of friends in a living room in response to the 2016 presidential election and the following period of tremendous social upheaval. Since its founding, Harness has grown into a national, intersectional community of high-influence artists, activists, and entertainment industry leaders that amplify the experiences of historically disinvested communities to reach millions of people. 

With a vision of a world where human rights are protected by the power of the people, Harness educates, inspires, and activates an interdependent community of Cultural Organizers to use the power of storytelling to imagine and create a more equitable world. Harness seeks to advance racial justice, gender justice, and civic justice by applying an intersectional lens to all its work and centering the priorities and needs of those most impacted by injustice.



Oversee organizational growth, including finalizing the underway transition to 501(c)3 and launching a 501(c4)

Develop and implement organizational strategy, identify yearly goals and objectives

Lead priority initiatives through strategic thinking and collaboration

Establish and maintain Harness’ reputation and standing with a diverse audience by being active and visible in the national cultural change field (with funders, the entertainment industry, and peer organizations)

Ensure timely development and execution of impact evaluation


Responsible for the fiscal health, management, and sustainability of Harness: submit an annual 24-month budget and quarterly financial statements to the Board 

Lead the cultivation of new fundraising prospects in philanthropy, corporate partners, individual donors, and major gifts, as well as the growth of existing funder relationships

Grow the Development team, including the hiring of a full-time Development position

Steward, in partnership with identified staff, high-level funder relationships

Approve the annual development plan and ensure the successful execution of the plan

Explore fee-for-service models as both an area of programmatic growth and to provide self-generating sources of revenue for the organization


Build and retain a competent, qualified, and passionate team of staff and select contractors

Ongoing management and development of direct reports

Approve significant legal agreements and negotiate terms of contracts

Approve administrative policies and procedures for daily operations

Advise on and implement tools and technology supportive of operations, with a focus on privacy and security

Communicate effectively with the Board and provide, in a timely and accurate manner, information necessary for the Board to function properly, make informed decisions, solicit feedback, and secure commitments

Responsible for the operations of the Board of Directors, supporting Board member recruitment, training, and development

Manage Board meetings: set the tone, direction, and agenda for each meeting

Develop individual fundraising plans with each Board member to secure annual commitment; work with the Board Chair to ensure each Board member fulfills their goal

Work with the Board of Directors to develop organizational priorities through a collaborative and transparent process


Lead the development of the annual programmatic strategy; manage the Program team to design program models and plan annual calendar

Oversee the execution of high-quality, mission-aligned programs

Cultivate, manage, and steward high-level relationships with community leaders, artists, entertainment industry partners, and peer organizations


Approve the annual Communications plan

Ensure external communications uphold Harness brand, tone, and quality standards

Promote Harness’ programs and thought leadership through media relations, public speaking, and digital content

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