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Company Background

Terrabotics is an Earth Observation data intelligence company with a mission to shine a new light on vital natural resources supply chains with satellite remote sensing and advanced IoT geospatial data analytics.

We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of the World's most vital and critical natural resources. Through the power of planetary-scale measurements and data analytics we enable these industries to operate in a more socially responsible, environmentally, and economically sustainable way.

About the Role

Are you passionate about good web maps and great geospatial / GIS data visualisation? Terrabotics is seeking an experienced Front-end GIS Web Developer, to join our established geospatial product engineering team. This team works on developing and delivering the main user interfaces for Terrabotics' cutting-edge satellite remote sensing and geospatial data analytics solutions for our enterprise clients. We are seeking someone with a very strong understanding of Javascript libraries (i.e. Angular and React), with previous experience in developing very data heavy geospatial data visualisation dashboards and web mapping applications that prioritise user experience, use-ability, and performance.

We look for people who are not just great at what they do but also how they do it. Fundamental to our culture is building and maintaining a team that works well together and knows how to communicate effectively - not just within their own team, but also across adjacent teams.

We are looking for someone with with a strong empathy for user experience and a very keen eye for design and usability. You will bring an unrivalled passion for what you do coupled with an exceptional work ethic. As well as humility, open-mindedness, and positivity. You embrace input and collaboration as a means to find the best solution, but also come with ideas and vision of your own drawn from your experiences.

Your success in this role will be dictated by your ability to effectively prioritise your work in line with business and product goals that come from our product roadmap and user requirements. You will need to be self-motivated and a self-starter, to speak up early and often, and to work well with others. You should be passionate about building great software, and about building a product that delights, pleases and super-charges our users - enabling us all to have a resounding positive impact on the planet!

Our office main office is located in central London, UK, with various other hubs in the EU and US being established in 2022. This position can be remote and/or hybrid.

In this role you will take the lead in defining the look, feel, and function of Terrabotics' key front-end client-facing web app interfaces. You will work closely with our Senior Back-End Geospatial Software Engineer to effectively link front-end to back-end services. You will report to the Head of Product Engineering and/or the Head of Product Management.

Required Attributes for the Role:

  • A very keen eye for excellent design and user experience, as demonstrated by your previous work and projects.
  • You have a passion for stunning and effective spatial data visualisation, adeptly communicating metrics and statistics in a clear, accessible and easy to use way.
  • You champion user experience (UX) to design, build and launch web apps with UI's that are a great combination of intuitive use-ability and/or familiarity to help users have the smoothest possible experience.
  • You have a portfolio of previous web mapping and dashboard work and/or self-run projects that you can showcase to demo the level of your user interface (UI) development skills and user experience (UX) design empathy.
  • You have at least 3 years of proven experience working as a front-end engineer within a professional software development team using Agile development (Kanban, Scrum, and/or Scrumban styles) or similar practices.
  • You have experience shipping and supporting enterprise code and applications.
  • You have experience working with and collaborating well with other developers in your team to build products together. You champion clear maintainable code, diligent version control, clean documentation, code reviews with your peers, and merge requests.

Required Technical Skills:

  • [Vital] Solid core experience of HTML5, CSS, Javascript in frameworks such as Angular and/or React for designing, developing and deploying performant front-end web applications which deliver excellent user experience.
  • [Vital] Demonstrable experience in D3.js for building front-end web data dashboards.
  • [Vital] Practical experience of Openlayers, and/or Leaflet.js, Mapbox or similar geospatial front-end libraries is vital.
  • [Vital] You are knowledgeable and experienced in the OSGeo GIS stack with tools such as QGIS, PostGIS to handle a prep geospatial data ready for publication to our front-end services.
  • [Vital] You are experienced in working with OGC compliant web mapping services to ingest and deliver geospatial vector and raster data over the web to end-users.
  • [Ideal] Practical experience of interacting with back-end geospatial systems such as Postgres/PostGIS, Geoserver etc. is ideal.
  • [Ideal] Experience with Plotly Dash and other dashboard and charting libraries.
  • [Ideal] Experience with ESRI online services and stack.
  • [Ideal] Experience with STACS and COGs.
  • [Bonus] Knowledge and experience of - or least a very strong enthusiasm and motivation to self-learn on the job.
  • [Bonus] Knowledge of Uber H3 - or at least a very strong enthusiasm and motivation to self-learn on the job.

Vital Characteristics:

  • Exceptional Work Ethic: We look for people who can join us to outwork the competition and make sure that our products succeed for our clients, and actually have an impact on the planet. We have a lot of work to do!
  • Highly Collaborative: You understand that the best software and product development does not happen in a silo and that you will need to take the initiative on communication and proactive collaboration to get the best out of the team.
  • Leadership & Initiative: You make it your mission to understand and stay up-to-date with the wider product vision and the user needs that will guide your product design and development. You lead by example and take the initiative to proactively explore ideas and potential solutions for user problems with the Product Manager and the software engineering team.
  • Adaptable & Proactive: You're happy and enthused to work with a multidisciplinary product team. You're comfortable working alongside back-end and front-end developers, data scientists, and data engineers and Python developers.
  • Lean Principles: You're able to bring a start-up mindset to product development, shipping minimum viable products and releases early and often to learn and quickly iterate.
  • Mission Driven: You have a willingness and ability to prioritise working on current code and staying focused with tasks on hand for the purpose of meeting deadlines and project deliverables.
  • Excellent Communicator: Excellent verbal and written English is a pre-requisite for this role, alongside the ability to communicate clearly with diplomacy and respect.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Professional training and certification in Front-end software development and/or a computer science degree.
  • Qualifications in GIS, Geomatics, Geographic Information Systems, Geoinformatics.

Sector Experience:

  • Terrabotics works in the natural resources, energy, renewables, oil & gas, mining, environmental and financial sectors. Experience in one of these would be ideal.


  • 12-Months Fixed-Term Full-time initial contract.
  • Competitive salary for an early stage tech start-up
  • Hours: Nominally a standard 40 hour week. Flexible working hours and remote working.
  • Learning & Development: A commitment to continuous on the job learning and training, internally and externally. You will also be working alongside experts in Earth Observation, Geospatial technology, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science.
    • Experience the growth-stage tech Start-up environment, with an opportunity to learn all aspects of building and growing a business alongside a diverse world-class team.

Location & Working Environment:

  • This is a remote-first role, but with a hybrid option, open to applicants from UK, EU or US and with relevant work permits.
  • Your time zone should be compatible with a working day in UK (GMT/BST), Central Europe (CET), and/or USA (EST - CST) to align with our core teams. i.e. you must be located within UTC-6 to UTC+3 
  • Some international travel 1 to 2 times per year may be required for industry events, end-user workshops, or for team building at one of our hubs.

How to Apply:

All applications need to include the following information:

  • Cover letter - detailing what attracts you to the role and which key skills/experiences you have which fit the requirements.
  • CV or Resume - clearly showing the technical software skills required for the role.
  • Portfolio of your prior geospatial map web applications work - e.g Github project repos, public links to working web apps, screen shots, videos or similar demos. 

After supplying the above you will receive an email and an invitation to complete first stage screening while we review your submission.




Our Values & Virtues


We look for product minded doers who are driven to transform cutting-edge science and engineering into real and useable products that will create true impact and repeatable value for our clients.

 We work at pace, implementing Lean principles and Agile practices to ensure that we can ship product early and often, to learn and iterate towards success.


Good People: We're positive realists, confident in our abilities, yet humble, honest, naturally helpful and empathetic. We don't work in silos, but instead champion collaboration and communication for maximum product success and impact for our team and our clients,

Work Ethic: We each bring an extraordinary and tenacious work ethic to get products built and launched, so that they can start making a difference as soon as possible for our end users!

Talent, Skill, & Experience: Individually we each bring proven talents, skills, and experiences in product marketing, management, design, data science, engineering, and relevant industry specific areas. And what we don't know yet, we actively learn!

Passion & Courage: A boundless enthusiasm and enjoyment for solving meaningful and real-world environmental, social, and industrial problems. Building a start-up company, with brand new products, while defining new markets, and moving fast all at once takes courage and passion.

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