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We are excited to welcome a motivated and value-driven new team-member passionate about optimising IT systems for our operations as well as taking our existing network- and movement-facing IT platforms to the next level in terms of functionality, impact, collaboration and resourcing. 


We are looking for one person to join us holding some combination of the roles of IT Coordinator, Web Developer, and Platform Design Lead. Most likely, your role(s) would also make you a member of our Coordination Circle, as well as a Lead for one of the areas (IT or Platforms). The role of Lead Link is the same regardless of which circle in our organisation you lead, and we have included it here for you to get a fuller picture. We realise this is an unconventional way of working, and welcome your thoughts and questions should we come to meet you in an interview. There is also more information on roles and accountabilities in the Recruitment Pack. 


We are aware that to hold all of these roles is more than one person can do - we do not expect you to do that. We are, however, looking to have them all filled in our team, and we are curious to hear what you could bring to the table. This means you are welcome to apply even if one or parts of the roles seem out of your current range, skill or interest. For example, we’d love for you to have some skill and experience as a website developer, but if that’s not your strong side, we have team members who can do it. If you are an epic developer less keen on leading a team - same. Regardless of which, this is a position in which you are expected to develop and hold a strong vision for your areas of responsibility and how they express GEN International’s purpose and mission.


Work Location: Remote, or from GEN Office in Findhorn, Scotland


Reports to: GEN Coordination Circle Lead Link


Hours: 80 hours per month, flexible on when they are worked


Compensation:  £18 - 20 per hour as freelance rate, up to  £1,600 per month, paid monthly


Benefits: Flexible working location and hours with an exciting world-changing organisation. Freelance position so no pension, holiday pay, sick pay, or other benefits are provided. 


Starting Date: As soon as possible


IT Coordinator / Web Developer


Purpose: Optimising GEN International’s IT systems 




  • Determining, improving and implementing IT systems and software for efficiently managing GEN’s businesses and operations.

  • Seeking increasing collaboration, synergy and coherence with GEN’s Regions in the formulation and implementation of IT strategy and systems

  • Enabling web tools and technologies to be shared with the other GEN Regions

  • Organising and prioritising IT support requests

  • Defining needed technical actions regarding GEN’s websites and IT systems

  • Developing architecture and custom themes and plugins for GEN’s websites

  • Managing and maintaining the technology and infrastructure behind GEN’s website

  • Managing IT deployment tools and development processes

  • Tracking and fixing bugs

  • Creating and improving technical documentation and user guides for software used by GEN

  • Resolving technical issues and IT support requests


Platform Design Lead 


Purpose: To leverage and evolve IT tools and platforms through which the GEN network becomes more visible, connected and better placed to fulfil its purpose    


Domain: GEN’s database




  • Evolving the reach and functionality of the GEN map and database to better serve our movement, members and organisation

  • Refining the GEN Solution Library to create a useful, relevant, and powerful tool for socio-ecological transformation, education and advocacy 

  • Implementing a platform for communication, self-organisation and relationship-building throughout the GEN network. 

  • Doing development work or engaging and directing GEN’s IT developers in the implementation of platform-based tools and services

  • Engaging GEN Regions in designing the functionality of GEN’s Map/database, Solutions Library, and communications platforms. 

  • Building the relationships, systems and resource/business models through which IT- or platforms based tools, including the Map, Solutions Library and Communications Platform,  will be maintained and kept relevant in the future.


Lead Link (of IT or any circle)


Purpose: Maintaining focus on the circle’s purpose and supporting circle members to deliver what is needed



  • Cultivating an overall vision of the circle’s work and the contribution it is making to the organisation’s purpose.

  • Establishing strategies and priorities for the circle.

  • Defining metrics for the circle.

  • Allocating the resources available to the circle across its various projects and/or roles.

  • Assigning people to roles within the circle, assessing whether people are well matched to their roles and re-assigning roles when necessary for better fit.

  • Supporting and coaching people occupying roles in the circle to improve their ability to fulfil their responsibilities.

  • Filling any role in the circle which is vacant for any reason.


What we are looking for in you:


  • Proven experience as IT coordinator or similar role.

  • Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications.

  • Being up-to date with the latest technologies and IT platforms, as well as their potential usage for networks and organisations.

  • Excellent organisational and leadership skills

  • Capacity to see the bigger picture, seek alignment with shared purpose and maintain a vision of how the work of your team supports the whole organisation to thrive and be more impactful.

  • Capacity to structure your own work and work independently while remaining a team player, seeking and remaining open to feedback and opportunities for collaboration 

  • Ability to work, take initiative and collaborate in an environment of emergence and complexity, and motivation and temperament to solve problems  while maintaining a positive and inclusive attitude.

  • Ability to listen to and collaborate with people from multiple cultures and backgrounds in an inclusive and empowering way.

  • Understanding and alignment with the values, principles, and vision of GEN

  • Willingness to work in accordance with the GEN International team’s relational agreements


Specific Competencies for Web Developer:

  • 3+ years experience managing complex WordPress-based websites.

  • Significant LAMP stack development, administration and management experience.

  • Excellent knowledge of WordPress plugins and theme development, PHP, HTML, Sass.


Bonus Competencies & Experience:

  • Working in a network support organisation or with tools for network weaving

  • Previous experience working in international, distributed teams and online organisations

  • Genuine excitement for how IT tools, systems and platforms can support transformation, self-organisation and positive impact

  • Additional language skills


How to apply:

Please apply by submitting this application form (including your CV) by March 18, 2022 at 23.59 GMT/UTC.


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Applications are now closed

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