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#About Ironhack

Ironhack, founded in 2013, is an education startup that was created to disrupt the way tech education works! 
Doesn’t it seem odd that we’ve been learning the same way since the Industrial Revolution? Virtually all industries are pushing the limits on how to do things faster, better, and more efficiently. We empower students to create a new path - one that leads to meaningful careers in software development, product design, or data analytics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional education. 
It’s with this mindset that we’ve become one of the key global players in bridging the digital skills gap, serving both those looking to get into tech, as well as the companies hungry for tech talent. 
Quick facts:
●  Courses in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Cyber Security & Data Analytics
●  Operations in 10 locations worldwide
●  Graduated over 9000 students 
●  150+ global team members

#About the role

We are always looking for Lead Instructor for our UX/UI Bootcamp in our campus with a passion for user experience design and for sharing their knowledge with apprenticing designers. The Lead Instructor is someone who has a deep understanding of designing and good development practices gathered from their educational journey and real-world experience.  You need to be a strong communicator and very patient - you’ll need to be able to explain abstract concepts to the future generation of designers.


The Ironhack experience
●  Oversee the whole academic experience of the Ironhack bootcamp
●  Teach at our location campus from Monday to Friday (09:00 to 18:00)
●  Manage the Teaching Assistants to support the success of the class
●  Facilitate a safe, supportive, and energetic community that welcomes the various needs and learning styles of your students.
●  Challenge students to think strategically as they turn their ideas into real user experience solutions
●  Inspire and support students as they identify their passions and drive their own continued learning beyond the curriculum.

Collaborate with Global Team
●  Collaborate with Curriculum Engineers to improve the curriculum
●  Work with the global team in the rollout of new teaching materials
●  Adapt our global curriculum and use it to guide your teaching, build your own lesson plans as needed, and contribute ●  back your lessons learned over time.
●  Creating engaging content for our UX/UI courses that may include lessons, exercises, and/or mini-projects

Community Building
●  To create a sense of community / Participate in the student experience by joining events
●  Facilitate a supportive and energetic community that lasts well beyond the course

#Requirements (Is this you?)

●  3+ years of design experience in the UX/UI Design, preferably in a leadership role
●  Fluent in English, as all in-company communication will be in that language.
●  You are passionate about UX/UI Design
●  You like sharing knowledge
●  You consider yourself a learner
●  You want to make an impact on people
●  You have a great amount of empathy, compassion, and patience
●  Experience managing and keeping a team motivated
●  A can-do attitude and a good sense of humor
●  Great communication skills and an ability to capture people's attention :)
●  You are organized, reliable, communicative, open to feedback
●  You enjoy teaching/mentoring others and that are involved in the UX/UI Design community

Technologies & skills needed
●  UX/UI design process and design thinking methodology
●  UX/UI best practices
●  UX strategy & research
●  Information Architecture
●  Design patterns and heuristics
●  Strong visual design skills
●  Typography, colors, layouts, grids, style guides
●  Proficient with Figma design software (or related technology)
●  Familiar with scalable design systems
●  Usability testing
●  Experience with GV Design Sprints
●  Experience with HTML5/CSS3

#Our offer

    • Competitive salary
    • Local perks depending on which campus/residence you'll be in
    • A platform to explore teaching
    • Opportunity to make an impact
    • Contribute to a globally taught curriculum
    • Strengthen your leadership, management, and coaching skills
    • Internal mobility to become an SME or Curriculum Engineer
    • Being part of a fun and social learning environment

Competitive salary
Flexible work environment
Tons of amazing events with our students and community of instructors 
Learn to code, design, or analyze data: enroll in our part-time courses for free!
Generous vacation/sick policy

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Applications are now closed