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Partnerships Success Manager | Partnerships Strategist

BiOptimizers is on a mission to help people become the healthiest, highest performing version of themselves.  

We believe our products empower humanity to achieve an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul, holistically defined as Optimum Health.  We want everyone to become “bioptimized” (biologically optimized) in all aspects.

We are on an exciting trajectory, having helped over 165,000 people optimize their health and digestion since 2004.  We are also backed and trusted by the top biohackers, doctors and top authorities in health including David Asprey, Ben Greenfield, and Paul Chek.

The Details:

The Partnership Success Manager must be passionate about finding new partnerships for BiOptimizers and help us in our mission to help end physical suffering by activating awesome health through products, education and resources.

The candidate needs to be a highly organized, self-motivated, driven individual who loves connecting with new people daily. 

The major focus of this role is to source and secure new partnership leads based on the company's initiatives communicated through the Chief Partnerships Officer and to use the systems provided to nurture, outreach and develop relationships to successfully onboard new partnerships. 

You’ll work with a support team to help with campaign creation and partner onboarding.

This role will also involve attending live events and creating opportunities for connections through mastermind dinners, strategic gatherings and meeting key partners.

Your Key Responsibilities in this Role:

  • Identifying and assessing potential new partners related to the company’s marketing objectives
  • Executing outreach strategies and systems for new partner acquisition
  • Developing and fostering professional relationships with partners you’ve acquired
  • Helping to increase partner retention
  • Protecting the reputation of your partner program by ensuring all partners have a positive experience from recruiting to onboarding
  • Developing sales strategies and partnership journeys with new partners
  • Maintaining analytics and reporting to gauge the effectiveness of the systems and processes through data-driven metrics

  • Compensation: $4,000 per month + Growth Incentive Plan (see below)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Remote: 100% work from home.
  • You will be required to keep US-based time zones (Eastern or Central time zones are ideal.)

Perks List: 

  • Vacation, Sick, Maternity and Bereavement Leave
  • BiOptimizers Health Boosting Formulas (Value at $2,400/year)
  • Free Books and Courses (Thousands a year)
  • Free personalized Nootropics (Value at $3,600/year)
  • EFT Sessions
  • Career strengths-based coaching
  • A tight-knit team of outgoing professionals
  • Paid travel for events (upon review and approval)

Experience and Skills Required:

  • 2+ years of experience in client relations management roles
  • Demonstrate a solid typing WPM (ideally 50+)
  • Excellent English skills, and able to communicate well both verbally and in writing
  • Experience with remote team tools like Time Doctor, Slack, Asana / Trello / Favro, Google Suite, LastPass, Skype and Zoom 

Tech Requirements:

  • Computer - at least i5 or equivalent with 4GB RAM
  • Internet Speed - At least 20 MBPS Download speed

In your first 3 months, you will…

  • Complete onboarding, learn the company objectives and familiarize yourself with the product line
  • Learn the proper categorization of partnerships, the advantages and disadvantages and how to structure your outreach plan accordingly 
  • Learn the systems for partner outreach and integrate them into your daily schedule and execute, track, and report on progress
  • Learn the pathways to communicate with our Partnerships Operations Manager and Project Manager to ensure new partnership success with new campaigns
  • Generate a minimum of USD 30,000 in GROSS sales in 3 months (one quarter)
  • Your majority focus will be on driving revenue through reshape (or hybrid - commissions and flat rate) partnerships as well as securing new podcast sponsorships and social influencers

In your first 6 months (months 3-6), you will…

  • Develop a reporting rhythm with the Chief Partnerships Officer on analyzing success metrics for outreach, onboarding, and sales 
  • Develop an annual growth plan for the next 12 months, including Objectives and Key Results
  • Generate a minimum of $25,000 USD/month in GROSS sales or a combined total of $75,000 USD in 3 months (one quarter) for Months 3 to Month 6 (including revenue from partnerships setup in previous months)

In your first 9 months (months 6-9), you will…

  • Generate a minimum of $25,000 USD/month in GROSS sales or a combined total of $75,000 USD per quarter (3 months)
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to execute systems effectively that justifies onboarding more team members
  • Actively work with the Chief Partnerships Officer to develop succession planning to allow you to bring on more team members and transition into a team lead 
  • Onboard 3-5 new team members (depending on the success of the program) to scale new partnership acquisition strategies

In your first 12 months (months 9-12), you will…

  • Develop the roadmap for the next 12-18 months of building your team and assigning Objectives and Key-Results
  • Generate a minimum of $25,000 USD/month or a combined total of $75,000 USD per quarter (3 months)
  • Support your team to ensure they are generating a minimum of $15,000 USD/month in GROSS sales or a combined total of $45,000 USD in 3 months (one quarter) from their start date
  • If successful, you will receive be promoted to a new team lead position (TBD), and a new strategic Growth Incentive plan will be discussed

Growth Incentive Plan

Will be shared and discussed in detail with you.

What to Expect

    • Application: your profile and resume will be reviewed within 72 hours, and you’ll hear back from us no matter what (no ghosting!).  We aim to respond to every applicant within 5 business days.
    • Google Meet Interview: a 30-minute video call with two of our Talent Acquisition Specialists to get to know you a bit better and make sure you are aligned with our company core values.
    • Job specific Skill Assessment: Hands on related test.
    • 15-minute Phone Meeting with Joey: Informal short "Get to know each other" to gauge if the chemistry is right to be successful together (We do not solely hire for skill, as a new skill is easy to train, we are looking for the right team member to build on our success). 
    • Predictive Index Assessment: All candidates need to complete a behavioral and cognitive assessment through Predictive Index.  This tool is an integral part of our hiring process and crucial to limiting bias.  You can find out more about Predictive Index here.
    • Panel Interview: a 60-minute video call with Joey (Director of VIP Partnerships) and Martin (Talent Acquisition Lead) to discuss your background, BiOptimizers, and answer your questions about the team and growth trajectory.
    • Reference Check: At this point, we will ask for some references to email as part of our due diligence.
    • Offer: Ideally, this is the part where we make the offer, you accept, and we all celebrate!


Additional Application Information

This role is 100% remote so reliable internet is a must.  The company is US based however the company is distributed remotely across the globe.  

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